Ultimatium 1/2 oz

Ultimatium 1/2 oz
Ultimatium is perhaps the single most vital mineral in the Mother Earth Mineral line. To learn more about Ultimatium we have to look directly into the heart of the Periodic Table of the Elements. There we find a group of mineral elements called "Platinum Group Metals." They are also known as "transition elements" because of their ability to release electrons. Ultimatium is a potent 3000 ppm blend of Platinum Group Metal (PGM) ores. The key elements of the Platinum Group Metals in Ultimatium are Iridium and Rhodium. The research done on the elements found in Ultimatium are truly remarkable, as the best selling author Laurence Gardner explains: "It is known that both Iridium and Rhodium have anti-aging properties, while Ruthenium and Platinum compounds interact with the DNA and the cellular body. It is also known that Gold and Platinum metals, in their monatomic high-spin state, can activate the endocrinal glandular system in a way that heightens awareness, perception and aptitude to extraordinary levels." It is also important to note that Iridium, especially ISOTOPE 2674 has incredible healing and longevity properties. And that Ultimatium may also help to relax damaged DNA, energize "junk" DNA strands, and return diseased cells to their normal, healthy state. All of these remarkable elements and the benefits they bring to the human body are found in Ultimatium, available exclusively from Mother Earth Minerals. Ultimatium Comes in a 1/2 ounce bottle. 180 drops per bottle. 3-4 drops a day for health maintenance. 7-8 drops for a compromised immune system. ULTIMATIUM™ IS PLATINUM GROUP METALS IN A HIGH SPIN STATE, AND HAS NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION AND IS DISTRIBUTED FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY
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Following the wisdom that every sickness, every illness, and every condition can be traced to a mineral deficiency, Mother Earth Minerals was founded to offer truly unique and high-quality absorbable mineral supplements. Mother Earth Minerals are the original, angstrom sized, water soluble, magnetically-enhanced individual mineral supplements. Individual health is the responsibility of each person. Mother Earth Minerals strives to make achieving and maintaining that personal health efficient, cost effective, and convenient. Unlock the wellness secrets for life with Mother Earth Minerals.

99.9% Pure Platinum Group Metals

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