Dr. Clark’s Store

Dr. Clark’s Store
Dr. Clark’s Store was established in 1993 by her family, and was the first manufacturer to explicitly follow her protocols in manufacturing. Today, all the Dr. Clark labeled products are still made that way, For example, they are compounded responsibly and in balance so as not to send confusing signals to the body; are not made into tablets, as that process requires binders, coatings, and other added non-nutritive ingredients; rely on only domestic organic or wild-crafted herbs as ingredients; follow the whole herb protocol as the extraction process of the ‘active ingredient’ runs the risk of adding pollutants and leaving out wholesome nutrition; and are not enhanced in any way for flow, color, stabilization or flavor.


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Product No. Product Name CT Sale Price Price Quantity
144 Betaine HCL  100 caps   $10.89
138 Digestive Enzymes  50 caps   $22.29
187 Essiak Tea  1 cup   $18.15
228 Fennel  100 caps   $9.69
139 Frankincense Oil  5 cc.   $16.49
181 Ginger Root  100 caps   $11.25
143 Glutathione Setria  60   $36.89
146 Goldenrod Tincture   1 oz.   $10.29
135 Green Black Walnut Caps  50 caps   $30.29
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