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Retail StoresOver the years we have seen all kinds of “natural” and supplement products come and go, falling to popular fads and various claims.  At Southern Herb, we have been providing products to alternative health care practitioners and health food stores for over 20 years. Our products are “practitioner tested” and most are recommended to us by practitioners - they have stood the test of time and the advances of science and technology. We rely more on these experiential results than in the popular fads or hype when selecting products.

We understand and respect the positive impact many store owners have in the health and wellness journeys of their customers. We offer each of our store customers, both those who have been with us throughout the years and those new to Southern Herb, a personal and knowledgeable approach to meeting product and information needs.

New to Southern Herb?

I am the owner of a retail store and would like to purchase products from Southern Herb at wholesale pricing. Please qualify and set up an account with us.


I have been buying Southern Herb products through the catalog for my store but would now like to use the convenience of the website to do so. Please set up your web account with us.