Wellgenix Health

Wellgenix Health
Wellgenix Health, an industry leader for 30 years, manufactures its supplements to strictly adhere to and exceed the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards and uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure our bodies receive nutrients the way nature intended. The liquid form is produced under a proprietary process that assures the highest absorption rates. All products are made in the United States and conveniently packaged at a one-month supply.

Wellgenix uses only a natural fruit juice blend with Stevia to provide a sweetened great berry taste.

All this attention assures that your clients will be well-nourished throughout their health journey. Live well with Wellgenix.


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Product No. Product Name CT Sale Price Price Quantity
2507 B12 Max 60 Tabs  60 tabs   $39.95
2506 B12 Max Liquid 1.75  1.75oz   $39.95
2502 Balanced Essentials Kid Multivitamin   16oz   $39.95
2501 Balanced Essentials Liquid Multivitamin 32oz  32oz   $44.95
2503 Immune Essentials 32oz  32oz   $49.95
2504 Immune Essentials Powder  214.5g   $49.95
2508 Purvana Max Hair, Skin, Nails  30 caps   $29.95
2505 Sea Essentials Liquid Multivitamin 32oz  32oz   $39.95