ABFE Skin Care Products

ABFE Skin Care Products
These products are made with an amazing combination of active organic botanicals including alpine rose stem cells, plant butters, exotic oils, herbs, and some of the oldest and most unique Bush Essences which all work synergistically to provide profound protective, anti-aging and nurturing properties for the skin.


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Product No. Product Name CT Sale Price Price Quantity
5710 Gentle Citrus Face Wash   100 ml   $28.99
5713 Gentle Exfoliating Cream  50ml   $25.99
5714 Intensive Eye Serum   50 ml.   $28.99
5719 Intensive Hand Cream   50 ml.   $28.99
5712 Purifying Cream Cleanser  100 ml   $28.99
5716 Replenishing Night Cream  50ml   $28.99
5718 Soothing Body Lotion  100 ml   $28.99
5715 Ultimate Face Gel  50ml   $28.99