Faced with the challenge of how to practice the traditional purification rite of smudging in intensive care units without burning the herbs, Blue Eagle, a Canadian First Nations’ shaman, turned to essential oils. His first blend of sweet grass extract, corn spirits, white sage and Canadian cedar was interesting, but aromatically unpleasant. This led him on a spectacular journey, training with a renowned French perfumer and several essential oils specialists. His mission was straightforward - create an essence that would be equivalent to traditional smudging and have a pleasant fragrance. To honor the spiritual requirement for an offering, as smoke offerings with these herbs is traditional, he added a ritualistic aspect to the manufacturing process. This “Shamanic Encoding” adds specific intentions to the blend: purification, protection, healing and inspiration. The result is the Chiiyaam (meaning “Peace” in algonquin) Native essence, which has proven over the years to be even more effective than traditional smudging.

Many therapists around the world use Chiiyaam, and now you can, too. Therapists appreciate the power of its immediate effectiveness and the fact that it clears and purifies quickly, leaving a light and very pleasant scent to promote relaxation, calmness and serenity.

It is the goal of Blue Eagle and Invocation Native Essences to convey a philosophy and spirituality of life in balance and harmony with nature. These high-quality products will energize wellness and creativity while delighting your senses. Discover a modern-day application of ancestral wisdom!


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8242 Aschiiy Essence (Earth)  15ml   $26.99
8240 Chiiyaam Essence Parfum  29ml   $46.99
8243 Iskutaau Essence (Fire)  15ml   $26.99
8241 Miwahu Essence Parfum   29ml   $46.99
8244 Nipiiy Essence (Water)   15ml   $26.99
8245 Patakwin Essence (Sacred Sound)  15ml   $26.99
8246 Yuutin Essence (Wind)  15ml   $26.99