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Innate Response Formulas

Innate Response Formulas
The mission of Innate Response Formulas is to develop and produce products to support the body’s innate healing response. They focus exclusively on providing the finest high quality, whole food supplements available to health practitioners today. Innate Response Formulas is committed to providing clinically effective whole food supplements, respecting the phytonutrient synergy of the compounds that can only be provided by whole food. And, they look first to source certified organic and non-GMO ingredients.


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Product No. Product Name CT Sale Price Price Quantity
1168 Adrenal Response Complete Care  90 tabs   $80.96
1122 B Complex  90 tabs   $40.98
1167 Flora 20-14 Ultra Strength  60 caps   $43.98
1162 Flora 300-14 7-Day Intensive  7 caps   $33.95
1156 GTF Chromium  90 tabs   $28.96
1123 Iron Response  90 tabs   $34.96
1053 Magnesium 300 120 caps  120 caps   $31.96
1174 Men Over 40 One Daily Iron Free  60 tabs   $45.98
1169 Selenium  90 tabs   $27.48
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