The BioSuperfood formulas were developed by Dr. Michael Kiriac based on his extensive research on the nutritional and healing properties of algae, for which he has received numerous international awards. The BioSuperfood formulas are whole food products composed of four of the most nutrient dense algae found on earth. They call these formulas food "complements" instead of "supplements", as they are actually organic whole foods and not isolates or separates. These products work at the cellular level and when our cells are properly nourished, our organs, our brain, our glands and our whole body will function at its maximum potential. It has been over a decade since BIOAGE Inc. brought these products to the US and during this time they have helped thousands of people and animals regain their health.


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1101 BioSuperfood Core Form 2  180 caps.   $69.00
1102 BioSuperfood Forte Form 3  180 caps.   $132.50