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Blue Moon Herbal Products

Blue Moon Herbal Products
The line of Blue Moon Herbal Products was created over twenty years ago to address the need for specific products recommended in the protocols of Hanna Kroeger and Dr. Hulda Clark that were hard to find at the time. Since then, this line of products, all manufactured by the highest quality manufacturers, has expanded to include niche products recommended by our practitioners to better help them serve the needs of their clients.


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Product No. Product Name CT Sale Price Price Quantity
2185 Amino Complete  120 caps   $17.95
2181 Astaxanthin   60 softgels   $21.39
706 Critter Gitter Kit  Kit   $69.99
2171 Hyaluronic Acid 60 caps  60 Caps   $20.99
221 L- Ornithine  60 caps   $14.59
2180 Liquid Chlorophyll   16oz.   $24.35
2178 Oregano Oil Enteric Coated  90 gels   $18.39
2186 Sun E   60 gels   $21.39
2176 Tea Tree Essential Oil  1 oz   $16.37
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