Cedar Bear Naturales

Cedar Bear Naturales
With a deep knowledge of the healing traditions of many indigenous cultures that can only be gained through experience, coupled with a disciplined scientific methodology, the founder of this company developed a unique multi-step process for manufacturing potent nutritive based liquid herbal ‘concentrates’ that includes aspects of both tincturing and extracting. Using this proprietary and trade secret protected TincTract process, the truly 100% alcohol free Cedar Bear Naturales’ products possess an incredible ratio-intact synergy via a broad spectrum poly-constituent based density not found in any other liquid herbal products. These efficacious products are confidently recommended and used by professional health care providers and clinicians.


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Product No. Product Name CT Sale Price Price Quantity
1500 Adrenal Balance  2 oz.   $36.30
1605 Ashwagandha  1 oz.   $18.85
1580 Brainy & Bright  2 oz.   $36.30
1577 Calming Chamomile for Kids  2 oz.   $36.30
1636 Cat's Claw Bark Tincture  1oz   $17.39
1524 Chanca Piedra Herb   1oz   $18.85
1608 Chaparral Leaves   1 oz.   $17.39
1637 EC Blend  4oz   $55.14
1621 Goji Berry  1 oz.   $18.85
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