Sacral Therapy

Sacral Therapy
We humans are basically creatures of balance—chemical, emotional and physical, all systems subject to imbalance. The Sacro-Wedgy is simply a tool and a system of use to help achieve better muscle balance for the all important piriformis muscle by gently stretching it. This is the triangular shaped muscle that connects the front of the sacrum with the hip. The sciatic nerve is involved with this muscle so imbalances can have a significant and painful consequence. Just as we are not fully conscious of all that our bodies do to counter the effects of any imbalances or misalignments, it's truly amazing to feel what goes away when a state of balance and relaxation is achieved. This is why we have so many therapists utilizing this tool in their practice.


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7527 Neck Cushion    $15.95
7526 Sacro Wedgy - Female    $33.95
7525 Sacro Wedgy - Male    $33.95
7528 Still Point Inducer    $25.95