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Washington Homeopathics

Washington Homeopathics

Washington Homeopathic Pharmacy (WHP) began in 1873 in Washington, DC and is the oldest full line homeopathic company in the United States. It is also one of the last of the country’s original homeopathic pharmacies. Over the past 20 years, Washington Homeopathic Products has grown from a storefront pharmacy to one that is now serving clients in more than twenty countries, which includes pharmacies, retail stores, practitioners, medical professionals, midwives, and veterinarians.

Homeopathic products are safe, effective, affordable, non-habit forming and comprehensive with no side effects. They can be applied to both acute and chronic health problems with mental, emotional and physical symptoms. They are easily adaptable for self-care.


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Product No. Product Name CT Sale Price Price Quantity
2272 Bruises and Bumbs  2 oz.   $10.79
2223 Calc Fluor 12X 4 dram   4 dram   $8.99
2220 Calc Phos 12X 4 dram   4 dram   $8.99
2224 Calc Sulp 12X 4 dram   4 dram   $8.99
2297 Diaper Rash   2 oz.   $10.79
2221 Ferrum Phos 12X 4 dram   4 dram   $8.99
2248 Fungus   250 pellets   $9.99
2296 Hemorroids  2 oz.   $10.79
2239 Hot Flashes  250 pellets   $9.99
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