True Beauty

True Beauty
This essence has Rising to the Call of Beauty and Purity of Soul at its core, two essences which are deeply connected to the idea and energy of Beauty. Just Me and Clearing the Way help that beauty to glow with confidence. But with the addition of True Connections, the combination reaches an entirely new level, to the realm of Celestial Beauty. It brings a humbling experience of the truth of the beauty in oneself, and the same truth of beauty in others.

When meditating on the mother tincture, Don suddenly called to mind a woman he had met 30 years ago and her extraordinary beauty and glow . True Beauty enables us to see the deep beauty of spirit and Being that is in each one of us, and to begin to embody that celestial grace.

Product No.: 5473
Count: 15ml
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50% Organic Cognac, water, etheric infusion of Zyg. Rhein Harlequin, Zyg. Louisendorf , Zygon Blue Angel, Dend moniliforme, Coch, noezliana, Phrag. Don Wimber 7& Paph. Lady isabel. 239 calories per 100ml 0.1g carbohydrates per 100ml & negligible amounts of any other nutritional component, 20% abcv.

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