Swallow Wort Oil 1oz

Swallow Wort  Oil  1oz
A natural herbal treatment for occasional skin irritations.
Product No.: 214
Count: 1 oz
Price: $10.40

WiseWays Herbals was founded over 20 years ago by Mariam Massaro, an herbalist and organic gardener. Inspired by a vision, Mariam created her original line up of herbal products using organic or wild-crafted herbs to restore the connection between nature, body and soul. These highly regarded products are still hand crafted to promote well-being, and are now distributed worldwide.

Olive Oil Exrtacts of Organic Swallow Wort (Celandine), Arborvitae, Chaparral & Chickweed Leaf & Flower, Bloodroot, Black Walnut Hull, Jojoba & Castor Oils, Essential Oils.

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