Soul Shield+ Spray

Soul Shield+  Spray
There are times when we need to protect ourselves, for a variety of reasons. People that work with light are highly likely to attract challenges from diverse and sometimes dark energies from time to time. As well there is the global situation, which is increasingly shrouded in threatening shadows. Soul Shield provides powerful protection at multiple levels, to help us bring that light we carry within safely through with strength and certainty.

With Oils of Sandalwood, Grapefruit & Juniperberry

Product No.: 5430
Count: 100ml
Price: $28.95

Water; alcohol, essential oils of grapefruit, juniperberry & sandalwood; etheric infusion of Dendrobium spectabile, Pleuro, gargantua, Pleuro. Phalangifera & Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Ann Buckleberry

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