Shield of Light 100ml

Shield of Light 100ml
Shield of Light 100ml Spray

Is a major essence for protection against dark energies. It is formulated to enable the aura to become reflective like a mirror, so that such energies do not penetrate the aura, and are instead transmuted, and reflected away and up to highest Source. It also brings courage, and helps to restore confidence and optimism even when surrounded by great challenges.

This is the most complex combination we have ever created, and has 12 components. It contains the essences of Skutterudite; Kuan Yin Fluorite; Emerald; and essences of the following orchids: Phragmipedium schlimii, Phragmipedium Desormes, Phragmipedium China Dragon; Pleurothallis truncata, Pleurothallis phalangifera; Scaphosepalum bicristatum; Bulbophyllum frostii, Bulbophyllum pecten-veneris; and Cycnodes Wine Delight.

Another way of describing the contents: this is a combination of the following essences: Light of the Soul; Orchid Metal Element; Defender from the Dark; Silver Ghost; Wingéd Messenger; Dragon Fire. (Light of the Soul is itself a combination which consists of the essences Unconditional Love; Celestial Triangle; Seeds from Time; and Kuan Yin Fluorite.) This combination was created by our colleague Dr. Adrian Brito-Babapulle, in response to a question put to us by our Distributor in Indonesia.

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