Secret Wisdom

"Secret Wisdom" returns our focus into the depth to the Inner Divine that is found in the Inner Chamber of the Heart Chakra, which lies just beneath the heart chakra. From here a vision arises, the embodiment of serenity and the silence which activates the charkas in the head, and then directly awakens the 11th chakra. This trancendental chakra offers us the perception based on compassion and widsom that honours "self as other and other as self" and that "life is essentially a mirror of our own thoughts and actions". This essence is recommended for those who are well on their way along the spiritual path.
Product No.: 5224
Count: 15 ml.
Price: $19.85

50% organic French cognac, water, etheric infustion of Phragmipedium wallisii. Alcohol 20% by volume.

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