Pure Magnesium Oil 2oz

Pure Magnesium Oil 2oz
Pure Magnesium Oil 2oz

Pure Magnesium Oil-is a concentrated mineral complex from the pristine waters of the Great Salt Lake, and inland sea in Utah, USA. The Great Salt Lake is a mineral-rich inland sea and is a remnant of the ancient Lake Bonneville, The largest lake of the last Ice Age.

The waters of the Great Salt Lake are 11 times more concentrated than seawater and are high in all natural magnesium chloride. Plus, they contain over 72 ionic trace minerals, including selenium, zinc, gold, copper, and potassium, which can help protect the skin from premature aging, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and improve skin elasticity.

In addition, minerals are the catalysts to skin cellular rejuvenation and can help maintain healthy moisture balance .

The many benefits of Pure Magnesium Oil include:

* soothes the skin
* maintains thick, healthy-looking skin
* rejuvenates the skin
* improves look and feel of skin
* increases skin elasticity and firmness

* 6,000mg of magnesium chloride per 2fl oz
* 20 sprays contain approximately 250mg of elemental magnesium, plus a full spectrum of over 72 ionic trace minerals for healthy skin.

Additional Application Method: Add 1-2 oz of Pure Magnesium Oil to your daily foot soak and soak feet for 20 minutes. During the first several applications of Pure Magnesium Oil, It is normal for some individuals to feel a light tingling sensation on the skin.

ATTENTION: As the product dries on your skin, you may notice a mineral residue resembling salt. This is normal. Simply wipe off residue with a damp washcloth or rinse off in the shower.

This product may be used on the face but to be used with caution around the eyes as this product is very concentrated and may burn if sprayed in the eyes.
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White Egret offers a complete line of personal care products designed to assist maturing skin look and feel younger and more radiant. These products help smooth, firm and texturize the skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and other aging spots. This highly regarded product line includes the same products recommended by a world renowned dermatologist.

Concentrated inland seawater from Utah's ancient inland sea, the Great Salt Lake, which is naturally high in ionic magnesium chloride and contains over 72 trace minerals.

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