Positive Flow Spray

Positive Flow  Spray
Positive Flow Aura Spray invigorates our ability to manifest that which we need. Positive Flow came into being in response to a question put to me by our Japanese distributor, as to which of the Living Tree Orchid Essences would help to create abundance. Positive Flow is a combination of Pushing Back the Night, and Positive Outcome, and has a strong action on both the solar plexus as well as the ajana centre between the brows, and gives rise to a very strong "can do" feeling. In these times of challenging national and global economic conditions, it is all too easy to fall into a sort of malaise of spirit, brought about in part by the incessant bad news on the TV each night, and in the papers each day. Positive Flow helps us immediately to regain a strong & positive focus, and to make things happen in our lives. Use the spray in the office or home to help get things flowing in a healthy and beneficial way. Aura spray with oils of Palmarosa Sandalwood Lemon & Orange
Product No.: 5293
Count: 100ml
Price: $28.95

Water, alcohol, essential oils of atlas cedarwood, black pepper, cardamom & juniperberry; etheric infusions of Bulbo Elizabeth Ann Buckleberry & Scaphosepalum gibberosum.

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