Oxygen Treatment Therapy

Oxygen Treatment Therapy
Oxygen Treatment and Therapy produces the mineral catalyst referred to as"glyoxilide". When taken as instructed, the O.T.T. mineral catalyst is completely non-toxic and safe. When the catalyst is absorbed into the bloodstream and encounters carbon/glucose molecules, large amounts of OXYGEN is indeed created, and harmful NITROGEN is reduced. In turn, the free oxygen destroys anaerobic bacteria, viruses, yeast, and parasites the way NATURE intended - through the mechanism of OXIDATION in much the same way as OZONE IN WATER destroys the same harmful pathogens.
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Following the wisdom that every sickness, every illness, and every condition can be traced to a mineral deficiency, Mother Earth Minerals was founded to offer truly unique and high-quality absorbable mineral supplements. Mother Earth Minerals are the original, angstrom sized, water soluble, magnetically-enhanced individual mineral supplements. Individual health is the responsibility of each person. Mother Earth Minerals strives to make achieving and maintaining that personal health efficient, cost effective, and convenient. Unlock the wellness secrets for life with Mother Earth Minerals.

First Bottle: Mineral Reagent (LCD 1) Alkaline pH 13.8 Ingredients: 38% Concentrate of MgCl, NaCI, Distilled Water

Second Bottle: Mineral Activator (LCD 2) Acid pH 2.6 Ingredients: 50% Concentration of Natural Fruit Acid (Pineapple and Lemon) and Distilled Water.

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