Orgone Zapper

Orgone Zapper

Destroy fungus, parasites, viruses, yeast and bacteria using the Orgone Blood Zapper!

The creator of this "zapper", Don Croft, researched the work of Dr. Clark and Wilhelm Reich and developed a revolutionary new electromedicine device. This zapper follows the circuitry recommended by Dr. Clark, but instead of hanging on to copper electrodes, Don Croft insists that utilizing pennies as a conductor anywhere on the body will achieve the same results. Therefore, this zapper is just as efficient as conventional zappers, but smaller and more convenient. Orgone is the name that Dr. Reich gave to what others have called "chi", "life force", and etc. Orgone is present throughout the universe as energy, life and matter potential. Dr. Reich developed a way to accumulate and concentrate this healing medium. Based on the work of Dr. Reich, a mobius coil, a rare earth magnet and an amethyst and a garnet crystal are added to the Orgone Zapper for maximum results.

What changes does Mr. Croft expect you to achieve as a result of using the Orgone Zapper?

  • may help heal cuts, scrapes, wounds, infections, etc., more rapidly
  • may help eliminate sinus infections
  • may relieve cold and flu symptoms
  • may improve mental clarity
  • may improve sleep
  • may contribute to less body, breath and foot odor
  • may help clear up acne
  • may help remove heavy metals and organic toxins
  • may help to establish normal pH

Directions: Turn on (green light must be on) and put copper pieces against bare skin and secure under clothing, with an ace bandage, tennis sweat band, etc., and leave on as long as you like.

Product No.: 1841
Price: $135.00

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