New Light

New Light
Chemical and environmental surroundings can be distracting. Recognition of outside influences and dietary intake can assist in keeping mental alertness at its usual aptitude.
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Hanna Kroeger’s extensive line of vibrational homeopathics are known as Vibropathics™, and were a major focus of her life’s work and healing practice. A great amount of research and documented clinical cases have shown that homeopathy is exceptionally safe, effective and useful for most everyone, as it works with the body’s own systems, energies and natural ways of operating and functioning. It doesn’t try to override or divert the body, but instead assist the body’s own healing energies.

These products are made at Hanna’s Herb Shop, one of the nation’s first health food stores. Since 1957, Hanna's Herb Shop and its products have become recognized around the world for helping people.

Distilled water, grain alcohol, Mi Aura, Alumina, Niccolum met., Plumbum, Chem X, Trace min. 1000, Silver, and Valeriana off. Electro magnetically attuned to specific frequencies, 6x potency.

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