Neem Extract Triple Ptcy 1oz

Neem Extract Triple Ptcy 1oz
This is a triple potency compared to our Regular Strength Neem Extract. Neem is an extremely powerful herb and should be used with care. Neem is considered to be the miracle herb, with a history of use in the Ayurvedic tradition going back almost 5000 years.
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Count: 1 oz.
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Neem has been used for thousands of years and has been widely documented in Ayurveda, the ancient herbal healing science of India. This “miracle herb” has been found to support the structure and function of the immune system, and scientific research and clinical evidence support the extraordinary benefits of neem oil, neem leaf and neem bark. There is perhaps no other herb known to man that has so many and varied potential benefits for humanity.

NeemAura recognized the value of neem as an herbal ingredient of extreme benefit both applied topically and taken internally. As a result, extensive research was done to develop the most effective way to deliver the benefits of neem to people, and this led to the development of the NeemAura product line.

Ingredients: water, alcohol, vegetable glycerin, organcially grown dry neem to menstruum ratio 1:5. 38% grain alcohol usp, 15% vegetable glycein.

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