Milk Thistle Seed

Milk Thistle Seed
The premier herb for supporting healthy liver/gallbladder function, Milk Thistle has a unique antioxidant action specific to the liver that protects and builds the liver. Supports digestion and lactation. Also known as Mary’s Thistle, named for the white mottling on its leaves that was said to look like milk from Mother Mary, Milk Thistle has been used for liver strengthening for many centuries. Native to Southern Europe and Asia, now grows throughout the world. May benefit blood sugar balances.
In 1957, a prominent herbalist named Gerard wrote that Milk Thistle was the best remedy that grows against all melancholy diseases. The word melancholy is taken from the Greek 'black bile', & in Gerard's day referred to any liver or biliary derangement. Mile Thistle was used by the Greek herbalist Dioscorides to cure the poison of snakebites. It has been used for the elimination of obstructions from the liver & spleen.

It has been observed in practice that when Milk Thistle extract has been given, an exciting reversal in symptoms of both acute & chronic liver problems, ranging from viral hepatitis to cirrhosis, has occurred. There is significant antioxidant & free radical scavenger action properties in Milk Thistle. This is due to its rich bioflavonoid content which acts in the body to increase membrane strength & reduce membrane permeability.

Milk Thistle is very beneficial for the liver, both protecting & rejuvenating it. It has also been shown to protect the kidneys, brain, & other tissues from chemical toxins. Milk Thistle can help in rejuvenating the liver when overcoming alcohol toxicity, especially cirrhosis. Milk Thistle is a detoxifying, rebuilding herb for the liver & is specific for the gall bladder, with significant anti-oxidant properties to prevent free radical oxidation. Milk Thistle has been helpful in alcohol-induced fatty liver disorders, cholangitis (inflammation of the bile ducts resulting in decreased flow of bile), cholestasis (suppression of bile flow), cirrhosis (hardening of the liver), & hepatic organ damage & psoriasis.

The active ingredient in Milk Thistle is Silymarin. Silymarin increases protein synthesis in liver cells by increasing the activity of ribosomal RNA. Silymarin also induces an alteration of liver cellular membranes to stop absorption of many toxins.

Milk Thistle (Silymarin) is known to stop the toxicity of Amanita mushroom poisoning & common dry-cleaning fluid (carbon tetrachloris poisoning). It has appeared more effective than any other known substance. Milk Thistle extract reduces the effect of many toxins on the liver. One such toxin is cadmium, which often causes problems.

-Milk Thistle accelerates protein synthesis by the liver cells. It stimulates the liver to produce SOD, a potent free radical scavenger. It prevents depletion of glutathione (takes part in oxidation-reduction processes) in the liver.
-The liver is your toxic waste disposal plant.
-Researchers have shown that Milk thistle stimulates the synthesis of RNA (an important molecule that helps carry out & conttrol protein synthesis).
-Milk Thistle contains some of the most potent life-giver protecting substances known.
-Milk Thistle also protects kidneys & is beneficial to those with psoriasis.
-As an antioxidant, it has been discovered that Milk Thistle will act to inhibit free radical scavengers.
-Milk Thistle has been found to maintain the basic function of the liver, thereby keeping the blood vascular system clean, which has an overall effect of maintaining health & well-being to the entire body.
-Milk Thistle blocks allergic & inflammatory reactions.
-Milk Thistle is mucilaginous in nature & increases immune response, eradicates infections & soothes inflamed tissues.
-Milk Thistle aids immune response by increasing the production of T-lymphocytes & soluble proteins (interferon).

This info. is taken from The Little Herb Encyclopedia, by Jack Ritchason. (#943).
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NOTE: Not recommended during pregnancy. Those with diabetes should discuss with qualified health practitioner before use. SUGGESTED USE: 1/8th teaspoon (0.62 ml) 1 to 3 times a day, or as needed. Shake well.

Milk Thistle in a base of vegetable glycerin (certified kosher) and purified water.

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