Hydrogen Peroxide 16oz

Hydrogen Peroxide 16oz


Spray or wipe on affected areas or mix with equal parts of water to use as an oral gargle.


Deionized purified water, 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide.


It Works

Effective for:

-Household disinfectant

-Laundry brightener

-Fruit & veggie wash

-Plant fertilizer

-Oral rinse

First aid

It's Cleain

Free of:

-Toxins (as in non-food grade)

Hazardous handling for 35%

Tetra sodium phosphate

Sodium stagnate




Keep bottle closed tightly in dark space at a temperature

between 60 F (16 C) & 85 F (20 C). 

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Food-grade hydrogen peroxide is a natural and inexpensive way of helping the body receive the oxygen it needs to get and stay healthy. It has been used for more than a century all over the world as a defense against micro-organisms that invade our immune systems.

Food-grade hydrogen peroxide re-oxygenates the body, creating a positive environment allowing good bacteria to thrive and bad bacteria to die off, strengthening our immune system, and our entire body as a whole. Give your body the support tools it needs to fight diseases on its own, allowing you to take control of your health.

Deionized purified water, 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide.

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