Grounding Green 1oz Spray

Grounding Green 1oz Spray
A garland of green flowers to nurture connection and compassion for Earth's Being. substances and forces when used for healing, gardening, artistic or professional pursuits Guides consciousness from "ego" to "eco" - so that ecological values move beyond abstract rules or political formulas, toward a vibrant awareness of the Earth as a living being Motivates when feelings of discouragement, despair, or apathy threaten one's ­positive outlook and active commitment to work for the healing and transformation of the Earth Increases appreciation of the Earth during travel, recreation or work by sensitizing awareness and perception for micro and macro manifestations of life Cultivates connection for children who do not feel bonded with Nature due to excessive urbanization and technological influences Fosters animal communication and connection - especially animals that may be suffering from urban stress - can be used by both caretaker and animal
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Count: 1 oz. spray
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Many of the flowers for the Flower Essences Services Repertory are grown in a wildflower preserve and garden sanctuary. Located on 27 tree-studded acres in the foothills of California's Sierra Nevada Mountains, this sanctuary is called Terra Flora. The gardens at Terra Flora received official Biodynamic certification in 1997, a classification that actually predates "organic" by several decades. While it encompasses many of the principles of organic farming, Biodynamic agriculture fosters the idea that each farm or garden is in turn connected to the Earth as a living being, and the cosmic rhythms of Moon, Sun, planets and stars that support the Earth’s true identity. The flower essences of this line reflect this harmony.

Green Rein Orchid, Green Bells of Ireland, Lady's Mantle, Green Rose, Green Cross Gentian and Green Nicotiana, essential oils of Silver Fir, Sitka Spruce, and Cedarwood

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