Gentle Sleep

Gentle Sleep is an enhanced version of Gentle Geisha, with the addition of the essence of Rhododendron griffithianum, made by Don in Achamore Gardens. Rhododendron griffithianum produced a deeply calming, relaxing and peaceful essence. Yes, this 4th component is not an orchid essence, but these days, especially in the UK, disturbed sleep has become a major issue for many, and so the importance of 'bending' tradition in this one instance felt appropriate. Gentle Sleep helps one to achieve a deeper and more relaxed sleep.
Product No.: 5256
Count: 15ml
Price: $21.75

50% organic French cognac, water, etheric infusion of Rhododendron griffithianum, Paphiopedilum Armeni White, Comparetia macroplectron, and Anguloa virginalis. Alcohol 20% by volume.

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