Gaia Essence

Gaia Essence
The core positive outcomes of The Gaia Essence are as follows:

Re-establishes our connection with our Higher Self and gets us back in touch with our Divine Purpose, all in a very grounded way.
Helps us to be centred; connected to the Divine; present in our body, heart and mind and to radiate our light into the world.
Grounds and anchors us on a deep spiritual level and raises our consciousness.
Assists us to let in and fully experience the Solar Logos energy flooding down on the Earth.
Forges a loving, protective sense to the Earth/Gaia.
Opens and aligns us to the transformational changes happening within and around us.
Balances within us our divine masculine and divine feminine.
Encourages us to feel safe with, and be more accepting of change and the ensuing flow of emotion.
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Count: 10 mL
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Preparation of Dosage Bottles
The two Essences, Gaia and Solar Logos, which are included in the Program come to you in Stock strength.

To prepare a dose bottle add seven (7) drops of Stock Essence per 15ml dropper bottle and fill with 1/3 brandy and 2/3 purified water.

Gaia Essence Dosage: Seven (7) drops of the dose bottle are taken under the tongue on rising and retiring. The Solar Logos Essence dosage is taken in exactly the same way.
We recommend taking the Gaia Essence on its own, not mixing it with other Essences.

The Gaia Essence works hand-in-hand with the Solar Logos Essence. After taking the Gaia Essence for two weeks you will then take the Solar Logos Essence for one week to finish the Program.

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