FRD (Flouride Tea)

FRD (Flouride Tea)
Helps to flush flouride from the system. This tea helps take flouride out of the thyroid, para-thyroid and thymus (the basic make-up of your immune system). Often used with Thyroid Care (#022) to take the block off the immune system so that the subject does not continually have colds, flus, etc. It is recommended that you cease sodium fluoride toothpaste usage for 12 hours every time you use it.
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Count: 2 oz
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By releasing the essential oils and other special substances, herbal teas provide a unique way to appreciate the benefits of herbs. Sipping a healthful cup of herbal tea brings a sense of calm to our busy, often caffeine-powered, lives. Experiencing the tastes and aromas of the herbs evokes our connection to all that is healthy. Hanna’s Special Teas actually taste like they are good for you and remind us that the simple pleasure of a cup of tea can be a sound remedy.

Calendula Flowers, Elder Flowers, Nettle Leaves, Yarrow Flowers, Dandelion Leaves, Red Root, St. John's Wort Herb.

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