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The original Essiac formula is reported to be a variation of a traditional Ojibwa Native American herbal formula for cleansing the blood developed by Rene' Cassie.

The foundation for Cedar Bear Naturales ESSIAC Plus was given to CBN's founder and product formulator LoR. Caarl Robinson many years ago by a doctor that had worked closely with this formula in the 1970's Caarl was approached by this doctor following a presentation Caarl had given on the importance of liquid trace minerals and heatlh. During this lecture, Caarl had stated that trace minerals are essential to cellular integrity and immune health. The doctor agreed so wholeheartedly that he gave Caarl the original formula, (up to then a tightly held trade secret formula), directions and proportions, telling him that with the addition of liquid trace minerals he should see truly amazing results.

The herbs in this formula are a blood and lymphatic purifying and cleansing and also support digestive tratc function, support the body's resistance to infection, and help to increase healthy body and tissue integrity through a soothing and nutritive action. THe addition of a trace minaral base and Cedar Bear Naturales special Aromaceutical Blend of essential oils further enhance the effectiveness of this popular herbal formula.

To be fully effective, the Essiac formula must be made as a decocted liquid. Cedar Bear Naturales uses a multistep glycerol decoction method that pulls all of the beneficial qualities from the herbs and leaves them inctac in the liquid. This results in a stable fluid that does not need refrigeration and is totally alcohol-free!

Product No.: 1637
Count: 4oz
Price: $47.95

Suggested Use: 1/4 teaspoon (1.23 ml) 1to 3 times a day, or as needed. Drink a 12 - ounces glass of warm purified water when taken, once in the morning upon arising at least an hour before breakfast, between meals, and prior to retiring for the night.

Kosher certified vegetable glycerin, purified water (pH neutral), mB Liquid Trace Minerals.

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