Deodorant Container with Cap

Deodorant Container with Cap

This oval tube is approximately 4½ tall and made of shiny white polypropylene plastic. It's perfect for solid deodorants, fragrance bars, solid insect repellents, massage sticks, and other essential oil creations! Just turn the ribbed wheel on the bottom of the tube to push up and dispense the product. The oval shape makes a very attractive and versatile container.

Size: 5" height x 2¼" diameter. Holds 2.65 oz. (approximately 6 Tbsp.).

Product No.: 1535
Count: 2.65oz
Price: $2.70

We provide these empty bottles and containers to accommodate the needs of our practitioners in preparing custom formulations or blends for their clients. These bottles are the perfect accompaniment to all the flower essence lines and the essential oils we market.

The caps may seem a little tight at first, but if you put them on and pull them off a few times, they stretch a bit and become easier to manage.

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