Chaparral Leaves

Chaparral Leaves
Blood purifing, liver cleansing, benefits joints, loosens bowels. Native to the deserts of western North America and was used medicinally by native tribes in the Southwest.

Chaparral is nicknamed "Cresote bush" which gets its name from the oil which is used to treat wood. The word 'Chaparral' comes from the Spanish language, meaning a low growing shrub. In Mexico, Chaparral has been used for centuries as an anti-cancer remedy. North American Indian tribes, the Kawaiisu, the Paiute & the Sho-shone, used the "Cresote bush" for ailments relating to sepsis (bacteria) & elimination. The plant is known to act against free radicals & thus may be effective in preventing degenerative disease associated with aging. This plant is of particular interest to us in cleansing the lymph system, an important part of rejuvenation. It is anti-inflammatory & non-toxic. It is so powerful, however, that parasites will leave the system, while dangerous microbes will either leave or succumb to it.

-Many universities have tested Chaparral & found it an aid in dissolving tumors & fighting cancer.
-It is a strong antioxidant, pain-killer, & antiseptic.
-Chaparral has the ability to cleanse deep into the muscles & tissue walls.
-Chaparral tones the system, rebuilds tissues & is a very effective healer for the urethral tract, blood, liver, & lymphatic system. Fluid intake may be helpful, as Chaparral is a strong cleansing herb for the kidneys.
-Chaparral works by constraining undesired rapid cellular growth, by way of the essential respiratory process present throughout the whole human system.
-Chaparral has been said to eliminate the residue of LSD from the body helping prevent the recurrences or flashbacks caused by LSD.
-The oil from Chaparral's resin has been shown to reduce inflammation of the intestinal & respiratory tracts. In plants this same oil stops aerobic combustion in plant cell mitochondria, thereby preventing competition from other plants growing near it.
-Chaparral is famous for its role in combating cancer, by virtue of its primary constituent, NDGA (nordihydroquaiaretic acid), a powerful antioxidant & anti-tumor agent.
-Chaparral also relieves pain, has increased ascorbic acid levels in the adrenals & has vasode present properties.
-After 2,000 years of recorded history, & after multiple universities have tested the plant, have found that it aids in dissolving tumors & fighting cancer. The FDA now wants to take Chaparral off the market.

This info. taken from The Little Herb Encyclopedia, by Jack Ritchason. (#943)
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NOTE: Those with kidney or liver conditions must consult qualified health practitioner before use. Do not use in large amounts or for long periods of time. Do not use during pregnancy. SUGGESTED USE: 1/8th teaspoon (0.62 ml) 1 to 3 times a day, or as needed. Shake well.

Chaparral leaves in a base of vegetable glycerin (certified kosher) and purified water.

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