Behold the Silence

This essence provides a pathway to enter into the profound silence of universal being and invites us into a new relationship with the future. As the future becomes more and more present in the depth of our inner slience, the past goes back into itself so that we no longer hold the past in the present. In this way our former actions or karmas dissolve. What remains is unobstucted action. Place 4 drops in a small amount of water, and hold in the mouth for 15 seconds to enable the energy to be absorbed throught roof of the mouth and enter the crown chakra. Good for meditation, vision quests, as a preaparation for various rituals, and for becoming aware of the sacredness of Nature.
Product No.: 5192
Count: 15 ml.
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50% organic French cognac, water, etheric infustion of Comparetia macroplectron. Alcohol 20% by volume.

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