Base Regulator

Base Regulator is a very powerful essence with several layers of activity. There is a profound effect on the pelvic centres as well as on the crown chakra. It establishes a countercurrent in the pelvis, reining in excess sexual energies. Base Regulator also has a powerful effect on the liver in reducing heat in the organ, thereby reducing hyper-glycaemia.

This essence is very useful if the person has too powerful a sex drive. The effect on one person was a strong and clear damping-down of his excessive sexual drive to a healthy level, one which was no longer tormenting. He described the reduction in libido as dramatic, painless and gratefully experienced.

Product No.: 5405
Count: 15ml
Price: $19.85

50% Organic French cognac, water,etheric infusion of bulbophyllum gracillium, Alcohol 20% by volume. Write for nutritional information.

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