Amazon Essence

Amazon Essence
The Amazon Essence is available in Stock strength and comes in an individual pyramid pack that has been carefully developed to embrace and protect the beauty and potency of this wonderful Essence
  • Helps you to be aware of, tune into, understand and prepare for the immensity and totality of the massive changes that are happening in nature
  • Strengthens our connection to the Elementals and the natural world
  • Enlists new ways for our senses to perceive afresh, enabling us to comprehend, interpret and align to all the new energies being released
  • Assist you to read and speak the language of nature
  • Allows one to access a doorway to consciousness that is beyond matter
  • Enables you to flow more easily through life, to be effective and active but not attached, building up your aura of love and acceptance
  • Anchors the divine feminine and masculine within us

The Amazon and China Essences work hand in hand. Both take you beyond matter, anchor and integrate the divine feminine and masculine and help strengthen our connection to Nature and Earth. The effect of one Essence is enhanced by the other.

Product No.: 5129
Count: 10 ml.
Price: $44.95

Vibrational Essence, Purified Water, Alcohol (25%)

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