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Activated Stabilized Oxygen 8 oz

Activated Stabilized Oxygen 8 oz

SERVING SIZE: 2 mL (30 drops)

INGREDIENTS*: ASO® is a natural solution of bioavailable oxygen (as dissolved polyatomic tetraoxygen or O) in a base of iodized sea salt and distilled water.

SUGGESTED USE: 30 drops in 8 oz of water 3x/day, or as needed. Best if used 30 minutes before or one hour after meals. May be taken sublingually or used topically.

For water enhancement, use 1/2 oz (15 mL) per gallon as a water storage treatment and reintroduce to stored water every 90 days. Water should be “potable”. ASO® is not intended to purify non-potable water.

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ASO Activated Stabilized Oxygen    


"Oxygen is the Source of Life to All Cells & Immune Support "


All Natural Formula 100% safe for both internal and topical use.     


Immune Defense


Oxygen destroys anaerobic pathogens in three ways:


it short-circuits the processes by which pathogens create energy;


it breaks down the structure of the cell wall; and


it inhibits the cell's growth by interfering with the production of essential proteins.       


Cellular Renewal


Oxygen is crucial for maintaining cellular function and repair. The body needs oxygen to promote fibroblast (a type of repair cell) proliferation and collagen production, which is essential to the skin healing process.


Energy Production


The human body is a complex electro-chemical marvel. It depends on a regular supply of fuel components, just like an engine. Glucose and oxygen generate energy within the mitochondria in more than 75 trillion cells, every second of every day we are alive.




Biological processes within the body, such as protein construction or muscle contraction, require energy, and this is obtained by oxidizing food components in the stomach and converting them into cellular fuel


Recovery from physical stressors and so much more!




Easily + rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream Non-toxic & biodegradable Made in the U.S.A. BSCG Certified Drug Free® ✔

All-natural bio available O₂, distilled water and sea salt) pH balanced (approx 7.1) No caffeine, additives, or preservatives 100% vegan and gluten-free. 18 Antimicrobial, antiviral + antifungal properties for Immune Support

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