Mother Earth Minerals

Mother Earth Minerals
Following the wisdom that every sickness, every illness, and every condition can be traced to a mineral deficiency, Mother Earth Minerals was founded to offer truly unique and high-quality absorbable mineral supplements. Mother Earth Minerals are the original, angstrom sized, water soluble, magnetically-enhanced individual mineral supplements.

Individual health is the responsibility of each person. Mother Earth Minerals strives to make achieving and maintaining that personal health efficient, cost effective, and convenient. Unlock the wellness secrets for life with Mother Earth Minerals.


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Product No. Product Name CT Sale Price Price Quantity
7031 Molybdenum 8oz  8 oz   $24.00
7012 Platinum 2oz  2 oz   $14.00
7032 Platinum 8oz  8 oz   $24.00
7013 Potassium 2oz  2 oz   $14.00
7033 Potassium 8oz  8 oz   $24.00
7014 Selenium 2oz  2 oz   $14.00
7034 Selenium 8oz  8 oz   $24.00
7015 Silver 2oz  2 oz   $14.00
7035 Silver 8oz  8 oz   $24.00
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