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Posted: 11-19-2020 20:39
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We are now six months into a pandemic that has no end in sight. We are all tired of the disruption. Fatigue definitely has set in. People are letting their guards down, and not just those defiant souls. It’s no wonder we’re seeing spikes in many states. With cold weather months and the flu season coming soon, continued vigilance is key to keeping ourselves, our loved ones and our communities safe. The simple things that we tend to overlook due to fatigue — hand washing, donning masks, physical distancing, avoiding large indoor gatherings — all remain just as important today as they have been throughout.

We cannot afford to let our guard down, especially as others around us lapse in their responsibility to do so. And, we cannot afford to let our immune systems become fatigued. I recently read an article sponsored by Global Healing. I want to share its message with you, as it is vital that we all continue to get the word out, repeatedly, consistently. [PLEASE CLICK ON THE TITLE ABOVE TO CONTINUE READING]

So, here are 12 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Naturally as recommended by Global Healing.

1. Probiotics

70% of your immune system resides in the gut. Maintaining a balance of good probiotic bacteria is essential for nurturing your immune defenses. A high-quality, probiotic supplement can help balance the ratio of good to bad bacteria.

2. Intestinal Cleansing

It’s a safe bet that you’re exposed to toxins 24 hours a day and toxins also take up residency in your gut to wreak havoc on your health by degrading your immune system. Regular intestinal cleansing with an oxygen-based colon cleanser supports your immune system by purging these toxins and providing a balanced, clean environment for probiotic bacteria to thrive. The positive benefits of taking a good probiotic supplement are enhanced by intestinal cleansing.

3. Organic Oregano Oil

Oregano oil, one of the most antioxidant-rich oils on the planet, is extremely beneficial for immune system support by defending against dangerous organisms.

4. Enzymes

Enzymes are essential for digestion and metabolic function and research even suggests they’re beneficial for your immune system. But, as we get older, our bodies produce less of their own enzymes. Supplementing that deficiency can help you absorb more nutrients from your food to better support your immune system and overall health. A good, full-spectrum, systemic digestive enzyme formula is what we recommend.

5. Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver has a long history of use as an immune booster and a defense against harmful organisms. Historically, humans have used silver for water purification, wound care, and medical equipment. Colloidal silver is a case of “less is more.” When prepared properly in a controlled, sterile environment, colloidal silver actually has a very low level of toxicity. Be sure to buy your colloidal silver product from a reputable company and use it in moderation.

6. Purified Water with Raw, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Mixing raw apple cider vinegar with purified water is a helpful tonic for supporting your immune system. Raw apple cider vinegar is loaded with enzymes and beneficial bacteria that promote intestinal balance. It also helps to balance your body’s pH and transition it into a more alkaline state—which is absolutely crucial for a healthy immune system response. Mix one to two tablespoons with eight ounces of purified water and consume daily, preferably using a non-toxic straw so the acidic liquid avoids contact with your teeth.

7. Reduce Your Stress Levels

Emotional, mental, and physical stress drastically decreases immune system. Finding productive ways to deal with stress is important for keeping your body strong and resilient. While stress is part of life and can never be totally avoided, meditation, exercising, and eating a healthy diet can really help ease its effects.

8. Sleep

The importance of sleep simply cannot be overstated. Sleep resets your entire system and provides an avenue through which you can relieve stress and improve not only your immune system, but your overall health.

9. Juicing

One of the most powerful ways you can revolutionize your health is by juicing raw vegetables and fruits. This is an awesome way to give the cells in your body the most concentrated, live, bioavailable nutrients and antioxidants available—nutrition required by your immune system. Just be sure that raw greens are a part of your recipe.

10. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another nutrient that keeps your immune system strong. In fact, vitamin D deficiency has been directly linked to a compromised immune system. Vitamin D supplementation is an easy way to improve. Make sure you choose vitamin D3 over vitamin D2.

11. Turmeric

A yellowish spice popular in Indian dishes, turmeric is high in antioxidants to protect immune cells from free radical damage. In addition, the active ingredient—curcumin—may be responsible for supporting the action of T cells, B cells, and natural killer cells. Add turmeric to your meals or take a high-quality turmeric supplement to provide further nutritional support.

12. Iodine

Iodine is a fantastic one-two punch for supporting your immune system. First off, there’s no bacteria, virus, or other microorganisms that can survive or adapt to an iodine-rich environment. It’s why people put it on cuts; it’s why it’s swabbed onto your skin before surgery—it’s an incredible defense against harmful microorganisms. Second, your iodine is the best nutritional support for your thyroid. Your thyroid controls your metabolism and the efficiency of your metabolism is directly related to that of your immune system. If you’re like most people you are not getting enough iodine in your food. We highly recommend supplementing with nascent iodine, the strongest, and most bioavailable form of iodine available.

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