Wisdom of Compassion w/Gold

Wisdom of Compassion w/Gold

There are two forms of this essence, one with and the other without essence of 24 karat Gold. This form is more appropriate for helping remedial circumstances, for example if someone tends towards self-destructive cycles. They need compassion for themselves first, and the gold helps ensure that this groundwork of the heart's understanding is taken on board. Follow up after a few weeks with the non-gold form of Wisdom of Compassion.

For therapists, it can be useful to know that Wisdom of Compassion (without the gold essence added) acts primarily on the Heart chakra, Inner Chamber of the Heart Chakra, and the Crown Chakra.

Wisdom of Compassion with Gold acts primarily on the Heart Chakra, the Ajana Centre between the eyebrows, and the Dreamtime Point at the back of the head.

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