Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2

For years Vitamin K has been known to be essential for good health. It is required by our bodies for many vital health functions, including normal blood clotting and bone health. Research shows the most biovailable form of this vitamin is K2 Menaquinone -7.

Matrix GLA is a proteinpresent in soft tissues and the walls of blood vessels. It's role is to prevent calcium from attaching to and hardening soft tissues and blood vessels. It has been determined that Vitamin k2 is essential and necessary for proper Matrix GLA activity by helping the calcium in our bodies reach the cells. Vitamin K2 is also involved in the body's production of Osteocalcin, a protein important for the building of strong healthy bones.

  • Advanced form of Vitamin K - better absorption rate
  • Helps the calcium in our bodies to reach the cells rather than build up in the arteries and blood vessels
  • Supplementation with K2 provides the body with a critical nutrient that is not found in sufficient quantities in normal diets.
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Count: 60 softgels
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Other Ingredients: Sunflower seed oil, gelatin, glycerin, caramel color, titanium dioxide color, purified water.

Vitamin K2 (as Menaquinone-7)

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