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Terra Flora Essential Oils

Terra Flora Essential Oils

Terra Flora essential oils have been carefully selected according to the highest possible standards of quality and integrity. We have chosen the purest and most potent oils available from the best possible sources. We have worked hard to keep our prices as low as possible, without sacrificing our standards of quality.

The majority of these oils are steam-distilled. All plant sources are from un-fumigated, wild, or organic habitats.

Terra Flora offers 100% concentrations of its essential oils—never diluted with less expensive oils, with the exception of the Rose Oil Blend. Although the investment in pure essential oils may initially seem more expensive, wise use of these oils actually makes them more economical, allowing for precision, accuracy, and utmost clarity in aromatic formulations.

Each bottle of Terra Flora oil is equipped with an orifice reducer, to allow dispersal of single drops. The 1-dram size bottles will often require a vigorous tap on the bottom of the bottle to release each drop of oil. Some oils can congeal slightly in very cold temperatures (this is especially true of pure attar of Rose). Running warm water over the bottle of oil can quickly restore its fluidity.


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Product No. Product Name CT Sale Price Price Quantity
1316 Cypress   1oz   $47.00
1360 Frankincense 1oz  1 oz   $56.00
1323 Geranium   1 oz   $52.00
1366 Ylang Ylang   1 oz   $48.00