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Sandalwood Chandrika Soap 10 Pack

Sandalwood Chandrika Soap 10 Pack
Chandrika Sandal bar soap ensures total skin care and brightens body complexion. Coconut oil and extracts from Sandalwood cleanse and refresh the body, moisturize the skin, keeping it naturally soft, supple and gently perfumed. Free from animal fat
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Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap is the original vegetable oil soap, first launched in 1940. This soap is made with purified coconut, sandalwood, and patchouli oils. It does not and never has contained any animal fat or products, and is not tested on animals.

Chandrika is the real secret of natural beauty and puts nature to work at caring for your skin. Chandrika has been trusted by millions of people for nearly seventy-five years now. Isn’t it time you discovered why?

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