Reference Guide for Ess Oils

Reference Guide for Ess Oils
Reference Guide for Essential Oils (2018 Edition)

Join the millions of individuals who are rediscovering the natural healing powers of essentials oils!

Essential oils - the volatile aromatic liquids created by plants to help them maintain their own health and vitality have been used by mankind for thousands of hears to help enhance physicial mental, emotional , and spiritual health. Science has only recently begun to unravel how these precious liquids, and the chemical compounds they contain, can work to affect the body and mind.

This new full-color edition of the Reference Guide for Essential Oils brings the beauty of one of nature's most exquisite gifts, along with what recent scientific research has discovered about them, together in an exciting new format! This book's unique new color-coded system makes it simple for anyone to quickly find and confidently use recommended essential oils, oil blends, and essential oil inspired supplements for hundreds of different health and wellness conditions.

Additionally, hundreds of footnotes throughout this book lead to summaries and references for more thanb 300 published research studies on essential oils and essential oil constituents. These unique features along with detailed information on over 100 essential oils and 150 commercially available oil blends, supplements, and personal care products made this the perfect book for both seasoned oilers and those just beginning their journey into the fascinationg world of nature's essential oils! 600 information-packed pages.

Reference Guide for Essential Oils
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Science and Application
Single Oils
Oil Blends
Personal Care Products
Notes & New Products
Personal Guide (over 600 health related topics)

This book features the same coil-bound format that has been so popular over the years, but it is now printed in a larger 81/2" x 11"x1" size, allowing us to include a vast amount of new information. All of the old information you love has been combined in this latest revision with new research and new essential oils and supplements-in full color

Finally, comprehensive information about pure, therapeutic quality essential oils in a readily accessible, reference guide format! This book is perfect for those who are beginning their incredible journey into the scent-sational world of essential oils and aromatherapy.

This updated and expanded version of the book contains:
-Comprehensive information on over 100 single oils
-an expanded list of commercially available products that contain therapeutic quality essential oils, including blends, personal care products, bath & shower gels, tinctures, massage oils, and food supplements/vitamins.
-over 700 pages of personal guide information by health condition
-an appendix with concise, quickly accessible information on single oils and oil blends including safety information.
-a new easier-to-use format with

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