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My Pain Away Sports Cream

My Pain Away Sports Cream

A Powerful Blend of 17 Active Bio-Medicines                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
From the trails to the track, in the gym and on the water, sports related pain can strike anywhere. Help your body repair the damage that causes pain by applying MyPainAway Sports Cream. This new formula from the experienced creators of Topricin utilizes 17 powerful biomedicines to stimulate the body on a cellular level; increasing the rate of healing in order to reduce the pain at its source. 

MyPainAway Sports Cream is specially formulated to naturally and effectively treat all pains associated with intense physical activity. This unique and powerful treatment addresses the pain by stimulating the body’s own power to heal itself, thereby preventing the painful sensations at their source. Free of paraben and without petroleum or irritating chemicals, MyPainAway Sports Cream uses only natural ingredients to bring down swelling and stop the pain fast.

Product No.: 6797
Count: 6oz
Price: $25.99

Topricin® is the culmination of many years of research in the area of regulated natural medicines. The result is a line of pain relief products for the whole family that work with no side effects. Our patented topical formula aids in the healing process by improving blood flow to the injured tissue and draining toxins and fluids that build up as a result of injury or painful ailments like arthritis. Unlike many other over the counter pain relief creams and medications that just mask symptoms, Topricin® stimulates the body's desire to heal the damage that is causing the pain. Whether for muscle pain, joint pain, soft tissue pain or injury, Topricin® is often the first treatment that doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists recommend. An FDA-regulated over the counter medicine, Topricin® is the leading natural therapeutic brand.

How to Get the Best Results with MyPainAway Sports Cream

Rapid, soothing relief of:

  • Pain
  • Stiffness
  • Tingling
  • Burning nerve pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Muscle pulls
  • Soreness
  • Impact injury
  • Sprains
  • Dislocations
  • Bursitis
  • Tendonitis
  • Sciatica
Apply generous amounts 3-4 times daily, or more often if needed. Apply 3 inches on and around affected area. Massage in until absorbed, reapply before bedtime and in the morning. Use before and after physical activity. Apply immediately for acute trauma injuries (sprain, strain, bruise and impact injuries).

MyPainAway Sports Cream Ingredients:

Medicines                          Purposes

Aesculus 6X ------------------- For lower back pain, bruising injuries to hip and spine 

Arnica 6X ---------------------- Relieves pain of impact injuries and contusions to muscles and joints 

Bellis 6X ----------------------- For bruises to nerves, muscle soreness and sprains  

Calendula 6X ------------------ Promotes rapid healing of chapped, dry, irritated skin 

Capsicum 10X ----------------- Treats muscle spasm, joint and back pain (sciatica)  

Crotalus 8X -------------------- Relief of swelling, impact injuries & deep tissue bruising

Echinacea 6X ------------------ Helps detoxify the pain site of excess fluids, relieves achiness    

Gelsemium 8X ----------------- For muscle cramps and relieves muscle fatigue    

Graphites 6X ------------------- For treating and preventing skin conditions and scaring

Hypericum 6X ----------------- For nerve injuries, burning pain and trauma injuries 

Kali Carb 8X ------------------- Treats sharp tearing pain in nerves, muscles, relaxes muscle tension   

Lachesis 8X -------------------- Relieves sudden sharp pain in joints, and muscles 

Magnesium Phos 6X  -------- For treating muscle cramps, and muscle weakness 

Naja 8X ------------------------- Relieves pain of nerve injuries and swelling  

Rhus Tox 12X ----------------- Relieves burning pain, muscle tension, joint pain and stiffness  

Ruta 6X ------------------------ Relieves pain, soreness & bruising of the hands, wrists and shoulders       

Sulfur 8X ---------------------- Relieves itching, cracked skin, rashes and blisters 


Inactive Ingredients


Captex 300 (from coconut fatty acids)

Carbopol ® Ultrez 10 (from sucrose)

Cetyl Alcohol (from coconut oil)

Spectrastat G 2 (derived from coconut)

Glycerine (vegetable based)

Hydrokote (palm kernel oil with lecithin)

Isopropyl Myristate emollient (from palm seeds)

Lipomulse (from coconut fatty acids)

Purified Water

Sodium Hydroxide

Steareth-21 (from stearic acid cocoa butter)

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