Liver and Gallbladder Extract

Liver and Gallbladder Extract
Liver & Gall Bladder Extract is a unique herbal supplement designed by Dr. John R. Christopher to cleanse the body of toxins and harmful substances as well as to protect the organism from harmful environmental factors. Not only does the product normalize functioning of the liver and gallbladder (as you can judge from the formula's name) but it also prevents free radical formation and many diseases of various systems of the body. The liver and gallbladder are responsible for different functions in the body, although their aim is almost the same: detoxifying the organism and protecting it against various harmful agents.

It is one of the most important tasks to keep the liver and gallbladder safe and healthy, since these organs are responsible for detoxifying our bodies and removing harmful substances. The accumulation of such substances in certain cells or tissues may lead to such serious diseases as atherosclerosis, heart disorders, and even cancers. If you abuse alcohol, food, drugs, or consume too fatty or sweet food, this produces and additional load on the liver and may damage not only the organ, but the whole body.

Ailments traditionally used for: Alzheimer's Disease, Bladder Ailments, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, Diabetes, Emesis, Emetic, Gallstones, Hepatitis, Hypercholsterolemia, Jaundice, Liver, Low/Hypoglycemia, Osteomalacia, Rickets, Senile Dementia, Vomiting

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Barberry Bark, Wild Yam Root, Peppermint Leaf, Cramp Bark, Catnip Herb, Ginger Root & Fennel Seed Whole.

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