Liver Fend

Liver Fend
Liver Fend
Can be used by any adult looking to support liver health or who have been exposed to toxins found in the following common sources;

-Tobacco & Alcohol
-Processed Foods
-Prescription Drugs
-Raw Fish

Why cleanse with Liver Fend?
Liver Fend is a proprietary blend of high-quality botanical extracts, vitamins, and minerals specifically formulated for improving liver health

The result is a comprehensive approach to liver detox backed by the latest scientific research in nutritional health

Product No.: 7635
Count: 90 caps
Price: $24.95

If you aren't eating a balanced diet with plenty of fiber and other digestion-supporting ingredients, then your digestive system may not be operating as efficiently as it could and you may not be getting all the nutrients from your diet. Supplementing with digestive health products can play an important role in a helping your body with digestion. And, the benefits go well beyond digestion, including immune system support. Aerobic Life is a specialist in digestive care products, and takes a holistic approach in creating comprehensive nutrient preparations. The integrity, authenticity and validation of the raw materials used in their products are a fundamental factor in the high quality of these supplements.

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