Level Two Workshop DVD

Level Two Workshop DVD

Via this set of 4 DVDs, you can now:

  1. Have all the Level 2 workshop material at your fingertips
  2. Access material not found in Ian White's books
  3. Watch the workshop in the comfort of your own home - as often as you want

Share the unique experience of Ian's two-day Level 2 workshop, which includes these topics:

  • An in-depth analysis of 21 Bush Essences
  • Inspiring new research and developments
  • Discovering and learning how to master the Five Steps of Abundance
  • Sharing and discussion of case histories
  • Open forum and question time
  • Energy and Flower Attunements
  • Working with and tuning into Nature Spirits and Devas together with their crucial role in a plant's life cycle
  • Exploring and expanding on emotional issues relating to themes such as sexuality, anger, sadness, spirituality
  • Guided meditations and artwork


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