Elf Cup Lichen

Elf Cup Lichen
Elf Cup Lichen 15ml (Cladonia Coccifera)

Clear unconscious, deep-seated negative or destructive emotions. Purify the emotional body and make space for growth that promotes personal integrity

Clears karma. Releases anger. Letting go gracefully of old habits. Releasing traumas, which hold us back in life. Self-appraisal. Self-worth/self-esteem/self-acceptance. No need for remorse or guilt.
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It is said that the magic of the Findhorn Flower Essences is found in the gardens of this most unique community in Scotland with its focus on the principles and practice of attunement to the divine spirit within us and cooperation with the kingdoms of nature around us.  That a vigorous, healthy garden should grow at all in such barren, windswept terrain along the sea with its powdery sand is a mysterious natural force. When these natural forces are combined with cosmic forces and the human element of the essence maker – an attunement of the heart in its co-creation with all these energies –essences are created that bring clarity, peace and an overall feeling of wellbeing.  

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