Circuit Breaker Diode

Circuit Breaker Diode

For digital, wireless and analog. Shields harmful energies starting with your home's electrical wiring.

It has been found that the Circuit Breaker Diode affectively helps protect you, your family and pets from harmful EMF radiation emitting from your electrical wiring and many of the electrical devices in your home, shop and office. The solution to counteract the negative effect of electrical wiring is neutralizing the energy of the electromagnetic fields with our products, which help you live in a more stress free environment.

Electrical pollution is a subtle pollutant that is slowly harming us. This energy comes through the breaker box and is carried through the electrical wiring to, appliances and electronic equipment in the home. Have you thought what might be on the other side of your electrical box? It could be your bedroom, child's room or a major appliance. Are you having a problem going to sleep, sleeping or waking up in the night? This could be a sign of EMF pollution.

High EMF's can come from such items as TV's, electrical blankets, toasters, baby monitors, office equipment, shop tools, digital clock radios, baseboard heaters, microwave ovens and waterbed heaters.

The Super High Frequency Circuit Breaker Diode is designed to be placed on your home's circuit breaker box. Our Super Digital Diode formula has 60 frequencies on a 3" copper disc that will sheild the harmful energies emitting from your home's electrical wiring and the appliances and electronic equipment running off the lines. 1 Circuit Breaker Diode covers the digital, wireless and analog frequencies. Effective for up to a 4,000 sq ft home or office. Finally a solution that starts where the energy enters the home.

Instead of placing individual Appliance Diodes on all your electronics and appliances, which would be very expensive, use the Circuit Breaker Diode. It is the most affordable way to cover all of your in-home appliances and equipment.

Other uses for the Circuit Breaker Diode

  • RV - place on the generator
  • Vehicles with satellite radio, GPS, DVD players, Bluetooth/hands free -Place on or near the electrical panel or the fuse box.
  • Hybrid & Electrical Vehicles - (they have their own electrical circuit) - place on the plastic casing of the battery.
  • Generators - place near the front power panel.


If I use the Circuit Breaker Diode will sheild the frequencies of harmful Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) for every appliance plugged into any outlet in the house? Yes.

Do I have to purchase a Diode for every appliance I own? The Circuit Breaker Diode will take care of your entire home up to 4,000 square feet without using the Appliance Diode.

I am having problems with EMF's emitted from a power line outside my home. If I buy the Circuit Breaker Diode will my EMF's drop? Will I be able to actually measure the difference? A safe limit for homes is around 0.5 milligauss to a tolerable 2 milligauss. If you are feeling uncomfortable in your home I would suggest a Dio-Mid. The Dio-Mid frequency is  working on a different energy level. Our products effectiveness can be measured by  Thermal Imaging , EAV testing and by muscle testing. Our products work with the polarities of the body.

Will the Circuit Breaker Diode protect my family from a regular and wireless router? If the router is connected to the power supply then the Circuit Breaker Diode will protect you with both types of the routers.

Does the Circuit Breaker Diode cover all electrical outlets and the appliances plugged into them? Yes.

Is it possible to remove the Circuit Breaker Diode from my old house if I move and use it for my new house? The adhesive is very strong on the Diode making it extremely hard to remove.

Do I need two Circuit Breaker Diodes if I have two separate circuit breaker boxes on my houses? Yes, you need to cover each breaker box in order to be completely protected.

Product No.: 1821
Price: $350.00

Ener-G-Polari-T Products, Inc. was founded in 1964 by Wayne Cook, who spent his career researching the electrochemical, bio-magnetic and psycho-energetic force fields around the human body and their relationship to health, and was able to provide proof of the flows of energy in the human body. Through his research, he developed a method of enhancing the body's natural bioelectrical field, thereby neutralizing the negative effects produced by random electromagnetic field radiation, which have only proliferated in our highly technological world. Ener-G-Polari-T Products is the result of this research, and it was the first company to develop an effective protective device for counteracting the harmful effects of this EMF radiation. Today it continues its mission of protection by developing new products to meet the challenges in the ever-changing world we live in.

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