Calming Chamomile

A nervine and digestive aid that calms nerves and settles uptight stomachs. Excellent for calming anxiousness, nervous energy and stress in adults of all ages. Taken at bedtime in a cup of warm water, it is a soothing sleep aid.

Calming Chamomile A gentle nervine and digestive aid that calms nervous energy and settles occasional upset stomachs. Aids in reducing general digestive complaints caused by tension and stress. A soothing bedtime aid when taken at night. Effective for pregnant women and excellent for nursing mothers
Product No.: 1504
Count: 2 oz.
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Calming Chamomile (Stress Away) 2oz. Serving Size: 1/4tsp (1.23ml) Serving per Container 48

Catnip, chamomile, passion flower, spearmint, shavegrass, hops, rosebuds, and a supporting aromaceutical blend.

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